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We go where science is done, all over the world, to meet the teams, the women and men who are building a better world.

International Astronautical Congress

This world-class congress brings together every year the players in the aeronautics and space industry. It is a great opportunity to listen to presentations, to exchange, to build a sharp, multicultural and highly technological prospective vision. Plenary lectures, round-table discussions or interviews, the variety of formats is also there to share knowledge and encourage the emergence of ideas.

  • 2018 - IAC Bremen : 7 videos
  • 2017 - IAC Adelaide : 6 videos
  • 2016 - IAC Guadalajara : 6 videos

Interviews, testimonials, conferences

The researchers, industrialists and academics we meet are all experts in their field and passionate about science. They are very happy to share their knowledge, express their doubts and propose their vision of the future.

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"I get up to seize every moment and replace the ephemeral with a true story, intense and passionate, which takes us to where the impossible does not venture. " - Laurence Honnorat

Report - Very Large Telescope - Chile

Isolated always, silent on days when the wind is too strong, calm when the earth does not tremble, certainly arid, the Cerro Paranal invites you to take up more than one challenge on its immense ground, under its sky overflowing with enigmas and stars.

Passionate and benevolent, the men share their expertise and guarantee unfailing assistance. They grow as a team. In addition to the technological excellence of the observation instruments, they also work meticulously to adjust, constantly adapt and anticipate. Also a dose of genius and generosity that cannot be ignored, precisely here, somewhere in the Universe.

  • October 2015: 19 videos
  • March 2018 : 14 videos

Festival des Utopiales - Nantes

Every year, the international science fiction festival welcomes authors from all over the world. They are specialists in literature, science, comics and cinema. They question a renewed theme at each edition with the aim of animating exchanges and leading to prospective reflections.

Each year, Ideas in Science realizes :

  • the teaser of the event
  • a photo report
  • a series of videos: in 2013: 23 videos - in 2014: 31 videos - in 2015: 6 videos - in 2016: 26 videos - in 2017: 29 videos - in 2018: 37 videos - in 2019: 18 videos