avec Lee Smolin (14/12/2019)

By Lee Smolin for TimeWorld 2019, the International congress on Time.

TimeWorld will display aspects of time from different perspectives, from theory to fact and from the past to the future. Challenging questions will be discussed by industrial actors, researchers and the general public. Everyone’s expertise will help solve a complex situation and solutions will merge in order to find new ideas and create new projects. More than inviting people to think together, TimeWorld is also the opportunity to participate in contests, workshops, playful scientific and artistic activities and exceptional shows.

TimeWorld 2019 est une co-production Innovaxiom - Universcience.

60 Conferences:
Question, lecture, collective time, summary
- 7 Roundtables:
Astronauts, Students, Sportsmen Watchmakers, Digital, Brands
- 30 Workshops
- A 500 m² Exhibition
Industry, Research, Art
- 2 Contests:
TimeWorldPoster and TimeWorldArt.

Soutenir Ideas in Science, c’est se soucier des autres ! C'est prendre part à la construction d’une mémoire de savoirs en science, multiculturelle et accessible sans contrepartie. Par science, entendez mathématiques, physique, chimie, biologie, neurosciences, géologie, paléontologie, aéronautique, exploration spatiale... mais aussi sociologie, psychologie, philosophie des sciences, histoire des sciences et éthique.

Parce qu'Ideas in Science ne se construira qu'avec vous... C'est un immense merci que nous vous adressons pour vos dons ! https://www.commeon.com/fr/projet/ideasinscience

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