Samuel MARRE is a CNRS researcher (National Center for Scientific Research) in the supercritical fluid group at the Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Bordeaux (ICMCB) since 2009. He received his PhD degree in Chemical Eniineering and Materials Science from the University of Bordeaux in 2006 (“Desentitization of energetic materials in supercritical fluids”). He then moved to the Jensen Lab at MIT as a postdoctoral researcher where he developed the very first high pressure / high temperature microsystems for synthesizing nanomaterials. After a short stay in the Solvay “Laboratory of the Future” in Pessac (France), he successfully join the CNRS. His current research interests include the study of hydrodynamics, thermodynamics and materials chemistry coupled effects in confined supercritical media. To date, his research was disseminated through 40 papers in international journals, 2 book chapters and several international conferences. He was awarded the bronze medal of CNRS in 2014 from the section “Reactive fluidic media”.

Rencontres Exobiologiques pour Doctorants is an annuel meeting adress to:
• Any student preparing his PhD thesis in Astronomy, Geology, Chemistry, Biology or History/Philosophy of sciences in France or any other country.
• Any students or young scientist wishing to acquire an interdisciplinary training in astrobiology to complete their initial training and to be able to address issues about the origins of life on Earth, its evolution and its distribution in the Universe.

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