Alan Melby is Professor Emeritus of Linguistics at Brigham Young University. His career in translation started in 1970. After working on a machine translation project for a decade, beginning in 1980, he studied human translation and became a certified French-to-English translator. He is currently vice-president of FIT, the International Federation of Translators, and president of LTAC Global, a small non-profit organization that serves the language industry. His translation-related research has included creating tools for human translators, promoting interoperability among tools, and the development of translation-related standards within ISO and ASTM International. He has been awarded the Wüster prize for lifetime achievement in the field of terminology by TermNet, the Gode medal for service to the profession by the American Translators Association, and an achievement award in the area of translation technology by Asling.

Conference : Which side will win? No-cost machine translation, based on AI, or paid human translation?

Friday 6 may 2022, 12h15 - 13h — Amphi mauve

There is a debate concerning the coexistence of machine translation that is free or nearly free (Google Translate, for example), based on Artificial Intelligence, that makes it all the way to the consumer without any human intervention, on the one hand, and paid human translation produced with or without computer tools, on the other. Is this coexistence sustainable? Or will human translation soon disappear?

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