avec Jean-jacques Kupiec (29/07/2021)

By Jean-Jacques Kupiec, molecular biologist at TimeWorld2021 in Paris. TimeWorld is a global scientific congress.

The cells of an embryo combine to form the multicellular living beings that we are thanks, on the one hand, to the stochastic (random) expression of their genes and, on the other hand, to their interactions with the internal environment that stabilize them. This is a phenomenon of chance and selection analogous to natural selection occurring within living beings. This theory allows us to make testable experimental predictions that have been verified. In particular, it predicts a peak of variability (of disorder) in gene expression preceding cellular differentiation. Computer simulation experiments show that, in this framework, a living being is a state of equilibrium between the intrinsic random variation of cells and their interaction with the internal environment, and that the cause of cancer is a disturbance of this equilibrium.

Le livre " Pourquoi moi ? Le hasard dans tous ses états " paru aux Éditions Belin, accompagne cette édition de TimeWorld

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